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New Construction
Marine Repair
Aluminum Steel
Size: 210' x 39' x 14'
Year Built: 1997



BLOCK ISLAND is a passenger/vehicle ferry built for Interstate Navigation Company. The vessel was designed for year-round operationĀ from Point Judith, Rhode IslandĀ to Block Island, which is located 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island. The vessel was designed by John W. Gilbert Associates, Inc. and is Subchapter “K” certified by the United States Coast Guard. The ferry can transportĀ 1,000 passengers and 38 automobiles.

Features of the ferry include 2 EMD Diesel propulsion engines that provide 4000 HP. It utilizes a three lane configuration for the carriage of commercial trucks and vehicles. The passenger lounge features a food and beverage concession, satellite flat screen televisions, and comfortable table and bench seating for 300 passengers.