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New Construction
Marine Repair
Aluminum Steel
Size: 150' x 46' x 27'
Vessel Type: ABS ATB-Tug
Year Built: 2008



GALVESTON was delivered to U.S. Shipping Partners L.P. on 07/15/2008.

The GALVESTON is powered by two Wartsila 9L32 Medium Speed Diesels with Wartsila Gear (SCV85-P51) with a Vertical Offset Ratio of 2.4:1. Turning two two 155(in) LIPS/Wartsila controllable pitch propellers in Kort nozzles and twin high lift rudders for a rated 12,000 horsepower. The tug is also fitted with an INTERcon coupler system.
The vessel is also capable of operating on heavy fuel oil as well as No. 2 marine diesel fuel oil. To operate the tug while on heavy fuel oil, a thermal oil heating system has been installed with heavy fuel oil pumps and thermal oil piping all provided by S-Man/American United Marine. Electrical power is provided by two Wartsila Marine 500 kW shaft generators, one Volvo Penta/Wartsila Marine 350 kW heavy fuel generator and one Volvo Penta/Wartsila Marine 150 kW heavy fuel generator emergency generator.