Eastern Ship Build Group of Panama City, FLEastern Ship Building Group of Panama City, FL. Building Quality Custom Vessels

New Construction
Marine Repair
Aluminum Steel
Size: 280'-5" x 60'-7" x 23'-8"
Year Built: 2009



The GRAND MANAN ADVENTURE is a single-ended roll on/roll off vessel with four vehicle lanes. The ferry can carry up to 380 passengers and 82 cars. The ferry currently provides service between Blacks Harbour and the Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick, Canada. The ferry has 2 EMD 12-cylinder engines and 2 Catepillar C-18 gensets to assist it in navigating the rough water conditions in the Bay of Fundy. It also features hydraulic hoist-able ramps and specially designed doors that expedite the stowing of vehicles. The ferry also boasts a high-pressure water misty firefighting system, which is a feature not generally found on North American ferries.

Guest amenities include a quiet lounge, wireless Internet access throughout the vessel, a full galley/restaurant and dining area, and even a kennel so passengers can safely transport dogs and cats.