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New Construction
Marine Repair
Aluminum Steel
Size: 302' x 64' x 24'-6"
Vessel Type: LCV - Light Construction Vessel
Year Built: 2013



The HARVEY DEEP SEA is an ABS A1, AMS, ACCU, Circle E, ENVIRO+, Green Passport (GP), NBLES, CRC, HELIDK, Offshore Support Vessel and certified under SOLAS/IMO.  ABS class also includes the ABS DPS-2 and Firefighting FFV-2 notations. It is AC Diesel-Electric powered with twin Schottel Z-drives and three Schottel STT4 bow thrusters and its dimensions are 302’ X 64’ X 24’-6”.  This Multi-Purpose Construction Vessel (LCV), the HARVEY DEEP-SEA, is equipped with an active heave-compensated, National Oilwell Varco 165-ton knuckle boom Sub-Sea Crane capable of lifting/setting at depths up to 10,000 ft.  The HARVEY DEEP-SEA is now scheduled to sail to New Orleans, Louisiana for final installation of its Sub-Sea Crane. This vessel will fill a niche in a very selective market, covered in the past by mostly foreign flag construction vessels.

The HARVEY DEEP-SEA features the following:
Accommodations:                           67 Persons
Sick Bay:                                         3 Persons
Helideck:                                         20.9M Helidex Offshore
Subsea Crane:                               165MT National Oilwell Varco (NOV)
AHC Knuckle Boom Subsea Crane
Anti-Heeling System:                      Hoppe Marine, (2) Tanks
Moon Pool:                                     15’x18’
LARS/ROV:                                    (2) Locations
Power Generation:                         GE Energy Power Conversions: DE 690VAC
Generator Engines:                        (4) Caterpillar 3516C Tier 3: 2250kW each
Propulsion:                                     (2) Schottel SRP 2020 FP Z-Drives: 2500kW each
Bow Thrusters:                               (3) Schottel STT4: 1180kW each
Total Fuel Oil:                                 452,904 USG
Fuel Oil Day Tanks                         17,956 USG
Drill Water/Ballast:                          598,320 USG
Potable Water:                                24,497 USG
Liquid Mud:                                     15,470 bbl. (8) Tanks
Dry-bulk Mud:                                  8,200 Cu. ft. (4) Tanks
Methanol:                                        1,688 bbl. (2) Tanks
Clear Deck Area:                            10,369 Sq. ft.
Deck Load:                                      5mt/m2 (10mt/m2 Localized)