Our Story


Original Shipyard Established

Eastern’s original shipyard was established in 1976 for the purpose of constructing commercial fishing boats for the company’s founder and President, Brian R. D’Isernia. As the owner of a fleet of commercial fishing vessels, Mr. D’Isernia ventured into the world of shipbuilding after learning firsthand that the only way to get the type of vessels he wanted was to design the vessels, write the specifications, and build them himself. As he built and developed his own personal fleet of vessels, other professionals in the industry took notice and began to request their own custom-built vessels.


Commercial Fishing Vessels

Soon after, those in New England, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska began contacting Eastern with requests for customized fishing vessels as well and by 1980, 26 commercial fishing vessels had been constructed and delivered.


Offshore Supply Vessels

Building on his passion for boats and the sea, Mr. D’Isernia decided to diversify Eastern’s reputation from a ‘Fishing Vessel’ shipyard into a shipyard that could fulfill any type of custom vessel request, large or small. In 1981, Eastern’s diversification began with the delivery of our first Offshore Supply Vessels.


Offshore Patrol Cutter

The Coast Guard selected Eastern Shipbuilding Group to design and build the Offshore Patrol Cutter in 2016. The OPC is the Coast Guard’s highest investment priority and will provide the majority of offshore presence for the Coast Guard’s cutter fleet.


More Than 350 Vessels Built

Today, Eastern’s history includes a portfolio of over 350 vessels. Eastern has become one of the most diverse vessel construction companies because of its state-of-the-art production line and fabrication processes. Eastern has built everything from the USCG Offshore Patrol Cutters, Offshore Supply Vessels, Tugs, ATB’s, Inland Towboats, a SWATH Vessel, Passenger Vessels, Ro-Ro/Passenger Ferries, Inland Transport Vessels, Barges, Fireboats, Research Vessels, Offshore Construction Vessels, Dredges, High Speed Passenger Vessels, Fishing Vessels, and more for our customers.

Our Promise


Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc. is committed to building Quality Custom Vessels and delivering them on time to our valued customers, ensuring that our customers maintain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

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We always keep our promises. We keep our word and deliver results for our customers because that is the right thing to do. Even if it comes at an economic cost to our business, our customers can count on us to get the job done.


The industry is rapidly moving into zero emissions and reduced footprint across the board, and we are proud to be leaders in that effort. We have invested in equipment, processes, and procedures to minimize the impacts to the environment where we live, work, and play. All our facilities are ISO 14001 compliant and we are dedicated to being a good environmental steward by following all applicable environmental laws.

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