Dwight S. Ramsey


CategoryOffshore Supply Vessels
Vessel NameDwight & Ramsey
CustomerAires Marine Corporation
Year Delivered2010
Size292' x 64' x 24'-6"
Vessel TypePSV - Platform Supply Vessel
Series2 Vessels

DWIGHT S. RAMSAY  is a deep water, diesel electric powered platform supply vessel and is the first vessel of a two-vessel contract with ARIES MARINE CORPORATION of Lafayette, LA.. It is a fully functional, state of the art, DP2 Platform Supply Vessel designed for worldwide operations and is equipped with quarters for 32 persons. The DWIGHT S. RAMSAY’s DP System is capable of maintaining position offshore without anchoring in 10 ft. seas with 22 mph winds and 1 knot of current. This capability is necessary to perform the arduous work related to the offshore oil field industry.

This vessel has 6,700 propulsion horse power, twin azimuthing Z-drives and twin bow thrusters rated at 1180kW each powered by electric motors.  There are four each QSK60DM Cummins main generators, capable of producing 1825kW each at 1800 rpm for a total of 7300kW with all four generators running.

The stainless steel galley is fully equipped with all commercial grade appliances, a full range hood with fire suppression system, a reach-in refrigerator and freezer plus walk-in refrigerator and walk-in freezer.  The mess area, lounges and all state rooms have flat screen television.