Keith Cowan


CategoryOffshore Supply Vessels
Vessel NameKeith Cowan
CustomerSEACOR Marine
Year Delivered2017
Size265' x 52' x 19'
Vessel TypeAHTS - Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel - Rebuild
Series1 Vessel

KEITH COWAN was delivered to SEACOR Marine on 10/12/12.

The 265’×52’×19′ DP-2 AHTS, formerly the SEACOR SHERMAN, was burned from the keel up after it caught fire in 2008 while docked awaiting sea trials. SEACOR said the fire “substantially destroyed” the AHTS. Eastern was essentially tasked with completely rebuilding the boat.

The rebuilt vessel was renamed the KEITH COWAN. The vessel’s total installed power is 9,425 kW (12,639 hp). The power package includes four Caterpillar 3516C 2,250-kW generators, a Cat C18 425-kW harbor generator, and a pair of Converteam 3,588-kW E-motors. It also has a pair of 800-hp Brunvoll bowthrusters and a pair of 800-hp Brunvoll sternthrusters. Top speed will be about 14 knots. The AHTS has a bollard pull of 120 LT.

The AHTS has tankage for 137,544 gals. of fuel; 211,268 gals. drill water; 100,165 gals. fresh water; 2,548 gals. lube oil; 2,348 bbls. methanol; 4,273 bbls. liquid mud; and 7,125 cu. ft. of dry bulk mud.